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3D Printing Microbes to Reduce Methane
MSU Thermal Biology Institute director Brent Peyton, left, Center for Biofilm Engineering director Matthew Fields and graduate student Jacob Valenzuela sample microbes during a 2009 trip to the Yellowstone backcountry. [Image: Kelly Gorham/MSU].

Digital Trends

The new-and-improved Mod-T 3D printer isn't just better it's ...
Digital Trends
Provided New Matter can deliver as promised, this could be the low-cost 3D printer you've been waiting for. When we reviewed the original New Matter Mod-T ...

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This robot-run 3D printing farm is the future of light manufacturing
A 3D printing farm in Brooklyn needed to scale up to handle large production runs and better compete with injection molding. Until recently, that would have required investing in more 3D printers and additional manpower to run the machines, eliminating ...

New Atlas

Modular design gives 3D printer CNC carving and laser engraving capabilities
New Atlas
Mooz is aiming to fill in the gap between cheap, flimsy home 3D printers and expensive industrial gear with a modular all-in-one design offering interchangeable heads providing the ability to easily switch between multicolor 3D printing, CNC carving ...

3ders.org (blog)

Obayashi Corporation's 3D printed curved bridge first of its kind in Japan
3ders.org (blog)
As 3D printing technology advances, its benefits are being recognized by a wide range of different industries, from aerospace to healthcare. Construction is another sector that is increasingly taking up the 3D printing mantle. Progress is being made ...


This 3D Printer, Designed Specifically for Architects, Is Surprisingly Easy to Use
Have you ever spent hours calibrating the nozzle of a 3D printer or preparing a print-ready file only to find that the model has failed because of a missed zero-thickness wall? With this in mind, the Platonics Arka 3D printer currently being ...

ABC Online

Darwin's new faster, cheaper 3D printer begins producing metal parts
ABC Online
Parts of your car may one day be printed in Darwin, with a world-first 3D printer pumping out bespoke metal parts in a matter of minutes. The machine's creators say they have unlocked the ability to print pieces of copper and aluminium up to 1,000 ...

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