3D Printer News

This startup wants to 3D print your next running shoe or dentures  CNET

Carbon raised $260 million that should help it advance toward the ability to 3D print products made of multiple materials.

Nanoscribe introduces Quantum X, a two-photon 3D printer for microoptics  3D Printing Industry

Nanoscribe, a German manufacturer of two-photon additive manufacturing systems has introduced a new machine, the Quantum X. The latest system uses ...

ExOne launches new S-Max Pro 3D sand printer, announces partnership with Siemens  3D Printing Industry

At the 2019 GIFA International Foundry Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, leading industrial 3D printer provider ExOne has announced the launch of the S-Max ...

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The Toybox 3D printer bundle is 30 percent off right now  Engadget

3D printing has revolutionized the engineering industry. Companies are now able to craft stunningly realistic models of everything from skyscrapers and jets to...

Meet mycusini, a Chocolate 3D Printer for Under 200  The Spoon

Sure, 3D printing chocolate in your kitchen may not be practical, but it's certainly cool, right? At least that's what I'll try to convince my wife if and when the ...

Save on this 3D printer for kids that lets them make their own toys  Mashable

TL;DR: The fun and innovative Toybox 3D Printer is on sale for $314.99, a savings of $154. It's downright impossible to separate kids from their phones, tablets, ...

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